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Is there some such provision for make a link of an address that loads the street address into the computer’s default map app? Even better would be a link for a business’ identity along with that street address.

I know I can embed a URL to a specific mapping vendor web site such as Google Maps or Bing Maps. But I would prefer to activate the user’s default map app.

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The closest thing is the GEO URI scheme. It can link to map coordinates (latitude and longitude) like:

<a href="geo:37.786971,-122.399677">

Stack exchange doesn't let me create a GEO link here for you to test. You can go to the Wikipedia page for GEO URI to get a clickable example.

There are some severe limitations:

  • It doesn't support street addresses. The specification states:

    The provision of more complex geometries or locations described by civic addresses is out of scope of this document.

    The scheme does support a map search and addresses often work as the query parameter like <a href="geo:0,0?q=123+main+st,+anytown+XX">

  • Support for it is spotty. Newer Android and iPhones have some support for it, but desktop browsers generally don't. There are JavaScript libraries like dojo-geo-uri-polyfill that use some specific map provider to open such links.

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