My client deleted their website and do not have a backup of it on the old domain. I need to redirect their old domain URLs in Google Search to the new domain. I have access to their old domain and have setup hosting but there is no website.

I tried just a regular domain redirect, but it is not redirecting URLs, just the root domain redirects.

How can I do this?

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    We'll need to know a little more about what web server or platform you're using, but in general you'd collect a list of URLs indexed for the old site in Google from Google Search Console or by using another crawling tool and then setup up 301 redirects for each old URL to the new URL.
    – dan
    Mar 13 at 20:26
  • Yea this is what I did. Worked great!
    – Michael
    Mar 14 at 21:12
  • Glad it worked. If you like, you can write an answer below based on what you did and then accept it when you get a chance - that way you'll earn some reputation points here so you can comment and do other things on this site in the future and the question will be considered resolved - thanks!
    – dan
    Mar 15 at 1:46


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