Such a simple thing, but as with so many things I can't find this now in GA4.

I just want to view the standard acquisition (views) figures in their default line graphs, but not with data by day, but by month.

Is this possible?

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I may be misunderstanding your question, as my User Acquisition Report shows Week by default. If you're looking for By Month in the built in User Acquisition Report, you'll probably have to create a custom report.

If you're asking about custom reports, you can choose Month and Week from the Granularity Menu. I don't have enough data yet in my GA4 account to see months (my Month's option is there but greyed out), but I definitely have access to by Week.

GA 4 Line Graph Settings in a Custom Report:

enter image description here

And the resulting graph in a Custom Report: enter image description here

  • User Acquisition report shows daily for me; not weekly.
    – Drewdavid
    May 16 at 20:59

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