I have a website with URLs that look like this : http://my-website.com/event/1b3f7e3d-5db2-4dc6-b8f5-e8a0d7e1b572/details/the-title-of-the-event

The long ID (1b3f7e3d-5...) being unique and used to identify the event to display.

Is it bad for SEO to have this long UUID in the URL like this or not ?

Thanks :)

EDIT: More precise information : the events are created by end users (like an event on Facebook for example). So forcing the title of the event to be unique is not an option.


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An SEO-friendly URL is typically short and contains only a slug and not UUID. So remove the UUID from your URL and add only a slug in it. For example in the URL you provided:


Remove the extra details. An SEO-friendly URL should be like this:


The category in the above URL is called Slug. The post-name is called Article Permalink which is also a mandatory part of an SEO-friendly URL. So following the above URL example, your URL can be modified to:


Hope I have answered your question.

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