I just submitted a web site with only 8 pages, but search console found 500K pages. These pages are not in my site - "UNKNOWN Pages"


  • https://example.com/index.php?21903qcxz4b25bz1fdc
Not Indexed (404)
  • https://example.com/16sjgm8f45gs2173d
  • https://example.com/1981rthib35vt499
  • https://mail.example.com/httdups:07399/
  • https://mail.example.com/httqfps:08120/
  • https://mail.example.com/9248csnrd3b08decfb0fb54

I really have no ideas where the pages come from, or how to fix this? Will such errors harm my site?

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If you look at the Google Search Console, Click on Pages and scroll down to Why Pages aren't indexed. There is a column called Source.

If it says Website then there is a link on your website and you need to fix it. If it says Google systems, then Google has discovered it elsewhere. With 500K pages, you can't remove them.

However, you should look at your logs on the server to see if you are getting 100s of nonsensical accesses. The action after that depends on what you find.

GSC Snapshot


Popup Help on Source


  • I had never noticed the Source column before. Thanks for tip. However, it is possible that "Website" is another website besides your own. I have several pages where the source in GSC is "Website" but when I click on the magnifying glass ( "Inspect URL") is clearly identified as a link from an external website.
    – Trebor
    Commented Nov 4, 2023 at 15:30

It seems that your website has been hacked or maybe you are using an expired domain. You can manually request the removal of these links in the Google Search Console.

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