Average positon value for an interval (2022-12-31 - 2023-01-02) from the API Position of a specific page from an API for an interval(2022-12-31 - 2023-01-02)

Average position value for every date stored in my DB

I have verified the daywise value stored in the DB from the API for every date Position of a specific page in DB

Average position calculation according to the DB for an interval(2022-12-31 - 2023-01-02) (12.942857142857143 + 19.794871794871796 + 15.376623376623376)/3 = 16.0381174381 but from API for the interval average position value is not same

It is not matching the values for an interval from the API. Does anybody know the calculation for it?

More importantly, how can we aggregate a metric by fetching all data points?



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