We have some pages that are not events (they are job postings), but they are showing up as events in Google search results. How can we avoid this? The pages do not have structured data, but they include an expiration date (of the job posting), a title, and a description. Here is one example, and attached is how it shows up as an event in the search results. I have also tested using Google's Rich Results Test, and it didn't find any item. We do still want the page to show up in search results, but as a regular page and not an event.

enter image description here

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I guess that terms like American Museum, Teacher, Education, event and Program regularly occur on pages that describe events. Especially the American Museum being both an employer and an event location, could confuse Google.

You could try two things:

  1. Add structured data for a job posting. This is a clue for whatever system at Google is working incorrectly that this is not an event. See documentation from Schema.org and Google for detail.
  2. Complain in the Google Search Community forum. Someone from Google might look at it and flag it as a bug.

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