I am verified owner of 10 different domains in Google Search Console.

I am hosting sitemaps for all 10 websites under one of these 10 domains. Based on the Official Docs, this should not be a problem, because I am a verified owner of all of these properties.

enter image description here

However, once I try to submit a sitemap in Google Search Console, I am getting this error:

enter image description here

The sitemap is valid, and it's hosted in the second verified domain that I also have in my Google Search Console.

Is this a bug or something needs to be done differently?

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It is not a bug.

I.e. you are a validated owner of GSC properties of siteA.com and siteB.com.

If you are logged in into your GSC property of siteA.com, you can add only sitemap hosted under siteA.com, like siteA.com/sitemap.xml.

And, vice versa, if you are logged in into your GSC property of siteB.com, you can add only sitemap hosted under siteB.com, like siteB.com/sitemap.xml.

As stated in the notice text you see in your screenshot, both sitemaps may contain URLs from both sites: siteA.com/sitemap.xml may content URLs from siteB.com, and vice versa. The requirement for this: verified ownership of GSC properties of both sites.

In fact I never pulled urls from multiple domains into the same sitemap. Nevertheless I guess the analytics data will be visible only in the corresponding GSC property. At least because whole filters are domain-relative.

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    Thanks for the answer! I got it now. However, I have one more question. If I submit siteA.com/sitemap.xml that contains the links of both sites, I would not see analytics for siteB inside the siteA property, right? That is what I originally wanted.
    – NeNaD
    Nov 29, 2022 at 17:14
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    I updated my answer
    – Evgeniy
    Nov 30, 2022 at 12:52

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