I have a 25 page website that I have submitted the sitemap for, but I have 13 pages that are under "Discovered - currently not indexed". I have clicked on Validate Fix, and then it took about 3 month until I was notified that the validation has passed, but the pages are still under "Discovered - currently not indexed".

Here is an image from Google Search Console:

enter image description here

For information the validation passed at 19/11/2022, and this image is taken at 22/11/2022, and the pages are still not indexed, what should I do?

I also got this message from Google:

Google has validated your fix of Page indexing issues on site example.com. The specific issue validated was 'Discovered - currently not indexed'.

9 pages on your site were validated as fixed.

To examine full details on the validation progress and to learn if there are other Page indexing related issues to fix, please follow this link."

There should be 9 pages have fixed, but the problem is they are still not indexed.

  • There's really nothing we can do to help since this depends on your content and Google's crawling que and algorithm. Please review the questions marked as a duplicate and Google's help guide here.
    – dan
    Commented Nov 24, 2022 at 1:49