I've a website with a facebook pixel via Tag Manager. I fire a "page view" FB event triggered on the "page view" tag manager event.

In chrome

I then open the pixel tester on Chrome https://business.facebook.com/events_manager2/list/pixel/ and click on the Test events tab in firefox.

In the URL box I set my website and I click to check, a new broswer tab opens and immediately in the pixel tester I see a "page view".

So it works in chrome.

In Firefox

Then I do exactly the same in Firefox.

And the event does not get logged.

Seems to not work in Fiorefox.


Is there any incomptaibility between the Facebook pixels and Firefox which does not reveal as a problem in Chrome?

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Firefox blocks a lot of tracking these days. It's probably not an incompatibility so much as a deliberate design choice.

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