Looking at other questions with answers on here, there seems to be a "browser version" filter for GAnalytics reports, but I'm unable to find them. I've seen it listed here: Google Analytics: how to consolidate browser counts by major version number? and here: Can I use Google Analytics to show visits by browser as a percentage of total visits?, but I can't find it in my Analytics dashboard.

Obviously, these are old questions, so I'm wondering if this was an old feature.

If it is, is there any way to customize a report that would include browser versions?

Would like to see browser version here on my Google Analytics page

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In Google Analytics 4, go to Explore -> Free-form, and set the following dimensions:

  1. Browser
  2. Browser version

In Rows, add:

  1. Browser
  2. Browser version

You should see the browser and browser version on the right:

Browser Version in GA4

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