We have launched a new website last Dec but till now the sitelinks are still directing to some of the old site pages (subdomain) which have the same domain as the new site. We submitted a sitemap to Google Search Console to crawl but it didnt seem to help this.

Appreciate if anyone could advise how we can influence how the sitelinks are chosen


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Google will show the sitelinks they find suitable to visitors based on your internal linking structure. The update/removal is not automatic.

  1. Check if you keep old links on the new website.
  2. Define what would be your desired sitelinks now, and make sure that all the other pages link to those.
  3. Create redirections to make sure the whoever finds an old link will be landing on teh new site. If you have no page close to the old content, take them to the new home.
  4. Submit the site agaign using Search Console.

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