My website has 2 types of URLs

  1. URLs that end with .html -> example.com/example.html
  2. URLs that do not end with .html -> example.com/example

The .html version is the version I want to be indexed. The non .html version is auto generated by the CMS and there is nothing I can do about it technically. I can't noindex the URLs that do not end with .html

That's why I want to block access to URLs that do not end with .html

I know that Disallow: /*.html$ will block all URLs ending with .html. The question is how do I do the opposite?

How do I block all URLs that DO NOT end with .html?

Is there another solution expect robots.txt?

  • If the non html versions have identical urls with html, then you should redirect them. Sep 29, 2022 at 4:44

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Short answer: you don't disallow these pages. Disallowing duplicates is not the best practice.

You have rel canonical for it. And your task is trivial from the point of the canonical.

A better solution here, however, would be redirecting to the html version of the page from a non-html version.

It's also worth to say that it's quite debatable whether it makes sense to add non-contributing characters to the url. I prefer Occam's Razor approach where if something doesn't add value in the url, it shouldn't be there, so I would be setting up the redirections the other way around: from .html to the clear url.

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