I've looked a few times at placing ads on my site, but the only ad system I've liked is Project Wonderful. The problem with it is that almost every existing publisher(and thus, probably advertiser) is web comics. My website isn't related to web comics.

So, is there a reason that it's used almost exclusively by web comics, or was that just what's happened so far? Or what?

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Well, Project Wonderful's CEO Ryan North is a comics creator himself, and it probably started out as a tool for himself and other comic sites. For a definitive answer, you'll have to ask him.

On the other hand, running a search for every category except the comics ones gave me 4600+ results. (I'd put an actual link in here except that the resulting URL seems to not-quite-valid and gets stripped.) Putting the comics categories back in about doubles that. So yes, a lot, but definitely not "most." As to whether that 4600-ish is enough for you, you'll have to decide.

  • Ah, I searched a few years ago. I guess I should've searched before putting in this question
    – Earlz
    May 18, 2011 at 22:12

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