I have a website built using HTML and PHP. I want to revamp the design of the website but the code is literally messed up. It contains a lot of duplicate and junk code and cleaning it will be too much effort rather than creating it from scratch.

I am planning to use nextjs instead of HTML and PHP for this revamp.

Now my major concern is SEO.

The URL's of this website is ending with .php.

Example www.abc.com/123.php but in nextjs it will be something like this www.abc.com/123. This can mess up the off-page SEO of the website.

Is there a way to achieve this revamp without impacting the off-page SEO of the website?

Any lead will helpful

Thank you!!

  • The easiest way is to do a 301 redirect in .htaccess, if you are using apache Sep 8, 2022 at 3:13


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