I have a website (example.dev) registered with GoDaddy that only works when www. is prefixed to the URL. It is hosted at ghs.google.com, using Google's Blogger platform. In the Blogger settings I have activated a setting called "Redirect Domain" that redirects example.dev to www.example.dev. But whether that setting is on or not, my domain won't work without www.

In the GoDaddy DNS manager, I added forwarding from example.dev to https://www.example.dev, but it has been two days and nothing has changed. None of the solutions I found online have worked for me, but it seems that Blogger has some kind of quirk that causes this issue.

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    There is an A record on your apex name, so the problem is not at the resolution stage. Do remember that .dev TLD and hence all names below it, is in HSTS preloading list so browsers will only ever attempt HTTPS queries and not HTTP ones. Aug 24, 2022 at 17:29

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GoDaddy doesn't support HTTPS for forwarding redirects. You have a .dev domain which requires HTTPS. To redirect your bare domain to www., you will need to use a different service that supports HTTPS.

Google added the entire .dev top level domain to the HSTS preload list. That means that browsers will refuse to communicate with any HTTP server for any .dev domain and will only talk to HTTPS servers.

The usual way to handle the bare domain to www. redirect is to use an A record to point the bare domain to the same web host as your www. subdomain. Then you can put rules in place on your web host to redirect the bare domain to www..

According to this article from Namecheap, Blogger's IP addresses that can be used for A records are:


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