Nowadays a lot of .com websites are already taken. Can I expect the same natural SEO results for a .net website for example?


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Google has confirmed that alternative gTLDs do not affect search rankings. However, using an uncommon TLD may affect CTR (click-through-rate).

SEOs tend to recommend .com domains because users are most familiar with them, as the domain is often a signal of a site's credibility. At least amongst new users.

Since .net domains are very common, I would not hesitate from using one.


For the most part, the domain zone has no effect on SEO, there are all depends on the site and its optimization, to some extent domainna zone affects, but on the factor to which subject matter the site is a global site or just one region, if you can make a shorter and more unique zone .net instead of .com, I would create a domain on .net


I don't think so, I have been using (.IN) extension for one of my website for a few years now and it ranks very well on Google India and Google US.

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