I am using the HTMLy CMS and am trying to edit the tags. I have found a few files for them but if I edit them then the system doesn't work.

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    Are you talking about HTML tags or tags on posts, or something else? Jul 28 at 16:36
  • I am talking about the tags used in the software to highlight a topic. The kind you see at the end of articles, blog posts, etc.
    – Lee
    Jul 28 at 20:31
  • Actually, I just commented-out the command for the tag cloud. Now, they appear at the bottom but just not in the rt-hand col.
    – Lee
    Jul 28 at 23:32

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If you are trying to edit some internal code of the site through the editor, it happens that there are errors or the code does not work completely correctly, so try to edit the code directly in the files of the site, but if you want to add some code in the article, then, try to connect another editor to your CMS which is more adapted to these conditions and tasks Well, to make the tags work, you need to switch from visual editor to code editor, every CMS implements this differently, but if you Google your CMS with a question how to insert tags in such and such an engine, then you will find the answer

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    "Search for the answer to your question with Google" is not an appropriate answer for this site. There may well be no page on the internet that explains how do do it with this particular CMS. If you could find such a page, you should link to it and summarize the steps here so that somebody wouldn't have to click there. 2 days ago

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