I think Google Analytics sees more visitors than it actually is because 2 _ga cookies are generated at the same time and the user ID are duplicated because of this on my opinion. GA is installed via GTM. Does anyone know why 2 _ga cookies are created and how to fix this error?

  • Hmm, I get two as well. One with and one without the tag/id Jul 28 at 0:39
  • I see two _ga files without the tag ID and I'm afraid it's an issue that is multiplying artificially the number of visitors in our Google Analytics reports. Jul 28 at 13:45

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You don't need to guess or look at the cookies really, not at this point of debugging.

Look into the network requests, see if the client id changes from page to page. It shouldn't. All hits within the same session need to have the same client id.

Unless you're purposely maintaining the difference, which you can do, but then you would unlikely ask this question.

If the client id in the hits are indeed changing, then more investigation is required, but it's pretty hard to make it change. You would have to either explicitly do it in GTM/JS, you would have to have various top-level-domains involved, or you would have bad urls that signal to the GA lib to change the client id. Or a few more unlikely options.

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