I want to change my hosting services to another service provider. What will be the impact on subdomains if I change the new hosting NS record on domain registrar.

Currently I am using the multiple subdomains on my old web hosting and redirecting to another server but the same subdomains I have created on the new hosting server and redirect on the same IP address that I used on the old hosting server.

After changing the NS record the subdomain will be working fine without any down time?

For Example: Domain registrar: godaddy

For Website/Domain name: test.com IP address:

Subdomain A records: live.test.com IP address:

Thank you.

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Before you change the nameservers;

At the new host, make sure your sub-domains are set up in DNS and ensure you have the files migrated properly to the correct directories. Also set up your redirects.

If you do all this, there should not be any impact on the sub-domains.

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