I want to remove myself from the Google Search Console Property, however I am the owner (Verified owner) of that property and also providing access to other person. Other Owner can remove me as I am the main owner. Please Help Me To Remove Myself. When other remove me blow Error shows:

Failed to remove Access: can't remove a verified owner.

Remove first Account Error Show on Removing


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From https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7687615?hl=en

If you are taking over a site from another owner, after you verify ownership you can unverify previous owners by removing their verification token (for example, removing the HTML tag from the site, for HTML-tag-verified owners)

To remove a verified owner

If all verified owners are removed, then all remaining users will lose access to the property after a grace period. Data for the property will continue to be collected, but nobody will have access to it until someone verifies ownership of the property.

You must delete all tokens used to verify a specific user's ownership of the property. A user might use multiple methods to verify their property.

Determine the verification method(s) used for the owner. Be sure to determine the unique token value used for the user that you wish to remove.

Remove all verification tokens for that user for the property. For instance, if "HTML Tag" is listed, you must remove the HTML tag for that person from the site. If "HTML File" is listed, you must remove the HTML verification file for that person from the site. If you don't remove all verification tokens for a user, they can be reverified as an owner using any remaining tokens.

HTML file upload: Look for the HTML file associated with the user at the root location for your site. The file will have a long alphanumeric name, and a single line of text that includes the string "google-site-verification". Remove this tag. Make sure that you remove only the tag assigned to the person you wish to remove.

HTML tag: Look in the page source of your homepage for the user's tag, which looks something like this: . You must remove the tag from the page source. Make sure that you remove only the tag associated with the user that you wish to remove.

Domain name provider: You must find and remove the DNS record associated with the user.

Google Analytics account: In order to permanently disable this verification mechanism for this user, you must either switch Google Analytics accounts for this site, or else revoke edit rights given to this person in the Google Analytics account for this site. To determine which Google Analytics account is used for this site, look at the rendered source of the page (in Chrome, right-click and choose Inspect), and search for "UA-" or "G-" in the page code, which should correspond to your Google Analytics account.

Google Tag Manager account: In order to permanently disable this verification method for this user, you must either switch Google Tag Manager accounts used on this site, or remove the person's Publish or Admin permission in the associated Google Tag Manager account.

Google Sites/Blogger account: The owner of a Google Site or Blogger website will always have access to the associated property in Search Console. To completely remove access, the owner of the Google Site or Blogger website must be switched (because a Google Site or Blogger account must always have one and only one owner).

Google Domains account: Remove the user as administrator from the associated Google Domains account.

After removing the former owner's tokens from the site, open the Users and permissions page.

Click Unverify next to the owner's name to unverify the unwanted owner. The owner's verification token must be gone, or else the unverify request will fail. (Even if you don't unverify ownership using the Users and permissions page, Search Console will eventually notice the removed token, and that owner will then lose access to the Search Console property.)

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