I'm working to publish the meta information for a SaaS platform emitting live events, video broadcasts live shopping sessions.

In order to take advantage of Google search enhancements for each upcoming event, I selected the schema object Event and generate the JSON-D info on the page. However, when the event starts, technically it becomes a video stream, and as I understand from the google dev docs, in order to be eligible for display with a LIVE badge I think I need to expose the JSON-D info as a VideoObject with the selected BroadcastEvent properties nested (publication.startDate, publication.endDate, publication.isLiveBroadcast).

What do you think is the best/valid approach?:

  1. Published as Event, turning into Video with nested BroadcastEvent properties once started live.
  2. Published as a BroadcastEvent all the time. publication.isLiveBroadcast change to true once started.
  3. Published as BroadcastEvent, then turning into Video with nested BroadcastEvent properties once started.

The only problem I have with the BroadcastEvent object is a property named broadcastOfEvent, I'm not sure if it can be null which will be my case if selected, because this page is referring to the event that is a broadcast by itself. So in cases 2 and 3 how should I proceed?


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