I have deployed a website using Django. This is my very first app so still trying to learn.

So I was checking my SEO progress and ended up checking my google search console and saw this:

Google console top linking page

The very first URL in top linking text pertains to https://www.example.com/by-election-p/provincial-assembly/1063-by-election-2022/. I am trying to figure out why google console is showing url text instead of actual anchor text. The same thing is happening with rest of the top linking text so I really fell that I am doing something wrong but can't figure our what.

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The module "Top linking text" is part of the "External links" (backlinks) section in Google Search Console.

So maybe other websites are actually using your URL as the link anchor when they link to you? For my personal website, for which I have done zero link building, it is very similar. Three of the top five link anchors are actually URLs.

If you use the report "Top linked pages", you can easily find a list of example URLs on other websites, linking to one of your URLs. Click on them and check the anchor texts. I am sure you will see that this is just how other websites link to you.

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