There are a few services like Brightlocal or Whitespark that can show you rankings based on different parts of the city.

Can this be done manually? I would struggle to even find a proxy for a specific smaller city let alone ping rankings from a specific block. How is this achieved?

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Most (alL?) local rank trackers just use URL parameters instead of proxies.

Relevant URL parameters

The three relevant ones to localize search results are:

  • &hl= for the language
  • &gl= for the country
  • &uule= for the exact geolocation with longitude and altitude


Instead of using the URL https://www.google.com/search?q=bakery to look at the search results, they use https://www.google.com/search?q=bakery&hl=en&gl=US&uule=a+cm9sZToxCnByb2R1Y2VyOjEyCnByb3ZlbmFuY2U6Ngp0aW1lc3RhbXA6MTY1ODU2MzQ3Mzg0MjAwMApsYXRsbmd7CmxhdGl0dWRlX2U3OjM3NDIxMDAwMApsb25naXR1ZGVfZTc6LTEyMjA4NDAwMDAKfQpyYWRpdXM6OTMwMDA%3D

Ideally, also throw in &pws=0 to avoid any kind of personalization.

Free Tool

Here is a free tool to translate an address into a geolocation and automatically start a Google search for it: https://valentin.app/

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