For months, at the start of the year, Google Search Console has been complaining about the clickable elements too close together and text too small to read. I ended up making the buttons ridiculously large and far apart. And the notifications stopped. I thought success!

But I received another one today (4 months since the last one). After drilling down, I realised that it is actually trying to access example.com/index.html as well as example.com/. The errors are bogus as it actually gets a 404 for the former.

I am assuming that this happened from the time I put a first index.html there saying "hello world" to get the certificates in place. The whole site is actually php.

I can simply remove it from Google. The question is, should I redirect it instead? Is it a better user experience to allow the index.html with a redirect? Will other search engines try to access the same page?


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