I have created a small website named https://www.example.co.uk. I have managed to index the majority of pages on my website however the home page is not being indexed as google is defining it as a 'Duplicate without user-selected canonical'. However my domain, 'example.co.uk' is completely unrelated to the the google selected canonical of https://www.anothersite.com/. I don't know how Google could think this is a duplicate or how to correct this if someone could offer some help that would be great thank you. URL inspection of https://example.co.uk/

  • Have you just purchased the domain recently? Jul 6 at 13:43
  • I bought the domain about 2 months ago
    – PT123
    Jul 8 at 9:58
  • Is it a fresh domain or has it been registered before? Jul 8 at 14:53


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