I am working in an organization where a Google Search Console property has been set up for each subdomain of the website which pretty much is separated as a business area/domain.

Now in Google Analytics UA, they have setup views for each subdomain of the single property. Most likely this is so they can handle cross-subdomain traffic and also can perform rollups.

I have discovered that GA only allows to link a single GSC property to a single UA property (I think this is the same in GA4 too).

What is the best approach to solve this issue? I think if I make each subdomain a property, it will really mess up the cross-subdomain traffic an rollups. Should the search console have only been setup on the domain level instead of having separate instances to cover each subdomain?

All research I have done does not make any mention of this and just instructs on how to manage multiple subdomains using GA UA views and filters.


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