I have a page that uses HTML <template> tags. I don't know the page length like this.

<template>Some Html</template>
<template>Some Html2</template>
<template>Some Html3</template>
<template>Some Html</template>

I render them via JS when they will be visible (using Intersection_Observer).

How does it affect on SEO? Do I need to output the same HTML in the noscript tag for SEO?

  • What types of SEO problems are you worried about? Are you worried about Google (which will execute your JavaScript) or other search engines that won't? Jul 1 at 12:35
  • I am worry because there isn't 100% guarantee that after changing server-side render to client-side, it will not affect to SEO. If you google this question you will find out there is no 100% answer for this question and because I am't SEO specialist I asking help from SEO specialists . Jul 1 at 14:28

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I render them via js when they will be visible

If you render server-side, this does not matter at all.

If you render client-side, it could affect SEO. Is the "some HTML" part actual HTML? Could a browser display the page without JavaScript-rendering?

  • Hey, I am rendering in the client side. "Could a browser display the page without JavaScript-rendering?" - it depends of question 2(I don't want to use noscript tag because the html size can be very large because I will duplicate the html 1 in template and 1 in noscript). The goal of this is that , when you have a large dom, dom render is slow. that is why I am trying to render a part which is visible. Jul 1 at 14:24
  • @Malte <template> tags are written by the server, but those are invisible on the client side until JavaScript transforms them, so I can see why there could be some concerns with SEO around them. Jul 1 at 14:38
  • They are visible in the client side(template tags contains html with text,images and etc.). Let's say I have this normal html now <div><h1> Lorem Ispum .... </h1></div> now I am just wrapping it with template tag and rendering via js on the client-side when it will be visible(using Intersection_Observer). Does it affect on SEO? <template><div><h1> Lorem Ispum .... </h1></div></template> Jul 1 at 14:53

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