We have been using the domain cdn4.website for our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for a couple of years. It is used by all the webshops we support.

On the 13th of june all our webshops started to malfunction. After some digging and testing we discovered that the domain of our CDN sometimes didn't resolve correctly. Since the domain was essential to our operation we investigated further. The domain was correctly listed in the DNS server. The DNS server worked fine. It took us quite some time to discover that the TLD had suspended our domain. We were not made aware of the suspension. We contacted our registrar, and they didn't know anything.

The company behind the TLD .website is Radix. http://radixregistry.com

They have a lookup page where you can see why the domain was suspended. All it says is: "Potential abuse". That is not very informative. We have used their contact form to react to the suspension. Now, a week later, we still haven't heard anything from them. The domain is still suspended. Our registrar has also tried to contact them, without success. I also tried their email address, but got no response.

To be clear: We did not (intentionally) abuse the domain in any way.

We managed to switch the CDN to another domain quite quickly, but the webshops weren't working properly for almost half a day. We're talking many thousands of euros in costs and lost revenue.

Radix indicates, on their website, that they rely on others to detect abuse. Basically this seems to be a fully automated process. It is likely open to abuse.

my domain name is

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    Is there a part of this that we can help you with here? I don't see a specific question that you are asking. This mostly seems to be a rant against a TLD provider. It sounds like what you want most is your domain back, but we don't have the power to do that. You would need to contact their customer support. Jun 22 at 19:53
  • This can happen if people have complained about receiving spam or scam from your domain. In my experience, it is really hard to recover from it. So persevere. Jun 23 at 23:39


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