The problem


The above url accesses a program page to which a date parameter is added. This url will give the program for todays date at a particular venue:


But google has indexed the urls for pages from the date that it last crawled the page above format. So they now show:


The (partial) preventative solution: robots.txt

I can remove the urls with the query from being indexed by adding the following to the robots.txt using wildcards (successfully tested using the google robots.txt tester):

Disallow: /*/program?date=*

But: hiding solution needed

But I need to hide the pages that are already indexed in Google... at least until they are crawled again and Google learns from the robots.txt that they are not to be indexed.

For specific static urls I can easily use the temporary removals resource in Google Search Console. And for dynamic urls from one particular cinema I could choose the "Remove all URLs with this prefix" option and submit the following:


The 1000+ venue question...

But there are over 1,000 venues that generate dynamic pages. Is there a way to dynamically request urls to be hidden based on patterns, either using wildcards (as in the robots.txt) or using regex?



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