Hello all I have a question that seems to have been asked in various ways over many years but I cannot find an answer that is specific to what we're hoping to accomplish.

TL/DR: Is there a smart way to duplicate UTM reporting for internal links.


  • I would like to be able to apply some form of tracking / tagging to internal promotional elements / links, specifically homepage cards.
  • I would like to have reporting capabilities on par with UTM campaigns tracking not only sales but engagement (or lack thereof) so having access to:
    • Users
    • New Users
    • Sessions
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pages per session
    • Session Duration
    • Ecomm details: conversion rate / transactions / rev


  • I am able to edit the code directly and am working with a custom e-commerce codebase
  • I have enhanced eCommerce active and can use that if / as needed
  • Custom reports / dimensions or segments can be used

We have an "order completed" goal set up, and can create events for each card, but am concerned that won't give me all of the data points we're hoping to generate.

Any tips, tricks, or solutions for a similar issue would be greatly appreciated.


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