We have a website with about 8 million pages https://www.tibrains.com/ We try to index it, but have not very good results We had about 13-14 000 indexed pages for the last several months Then Google indexed about 100 000 pages in 2 weeks Then 2 weeks we stayed on the same level Then Google indexed 25 000 pages And then we again have no results for 2 weeks I attached the screenshot enter image description here

Also, the crawl rate is very low... Only several time the crawl rate was high enough enter image description here With such a speed it will take about 25 years to index all the pages of our site Is there any way we can speed up this process?

  • New sites never get indexed quickly. Google indexes big sites only once they get lots of inbound links that show they have content that people find compelling. Jun 13 at 9:28

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Perhaps the cause of the problem is that the content represents a completely anonymous affiliate program. Actually, the content of your website corresponds to Content policies for Google Search about:

Deceptive practices

We don’t allow content that impersonates any person or organization, misrepresentation or concealment of ownership or primary purpose, and engagement in inauthentic or coordinated behavior to deceive, defraud, or mislead. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the misrepresentation or concealment of country of origin or directing content at users in another country under false premises, and working together in ways that conceal or misrepresent information about relationships or editorial independence.

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