That's pretty much it. I want to have IIS push the default document to browsers instead of making them parse it.

I have a ton of these nano-sites in subdomains so they're easy to remember; currently I deal with it with HAProxy rules or I set the default document in a simple, clean web page that meta-refreshes into the file needed. It looks pretty good — just a good ol' fashioned invisible single-cell table with a pinch of CSS. 1KB. Zero JavaScript — and it has always worked but I keep finding references here and there that it's not okay to use meta-refresh anymore.

I think it's being/was phased out and it will start getting blocked by browsers any minute now. I want to have this covered at least in regards of the servers I use; httpd is fairly straighforward. NGINX and others I actively avoid, but being in a Active Directory domain plus the familiarity of the GUI makes IIS unavoidable. Not to mentioned shared configuration, centralcerts, DFS namespaces/replication, etc.

I hope it doesn't involve changing MIME types but I'll be grateful either way. Any suggestion is welcome. :)

Software version(s): except for one server on WS2019 which is too busy to participate in a farm anyway, all servers are Windows Server 2022 with IIS 10.0.20378.169. Application Request Routing 3.5 and the URL Rewrite 2.0 modules installed.

  • It isn't clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. I'm not sure what you mean by "push the default document". Web server typically respond with the default document when a client requests the default URL. There is very little "push" in HTTP. The only pushes come with websockets or resources that come with documents in HTTP/2 Jun 12 at 10:17
  • What do you mean by "instead of making them parse it?" When you serve a document to a client, it is ALWAYS parsed into a document object model (DOM.) There is no way to prevent that that I know of. Jun 12 at 10:18
  • Can you share more about your meta refresh? Can you share some example code? I'm not sure how a table cell would be useful with it. Maybe you mean a frameset or iframe? Jun 12 at 10:20


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