Day 10: Head banging continues...

I have a web site that already has GA page tracking and Goals set up to track conversion (based on URLs), and these are working fine via GTM & GA.

We want to introduce a new product and track it via a separate goal/funnel, however, there are no changes to the page URLs.

So I've created a trigger that sets a variable: isNewProduct, that is saved in local browser session storage.

On subsequent pages I check the isNewProduct variable and set the virtual page view and exclude the usual GA page views tracking (otherwise you get both the original URL and the page view URL)

Our current page flow is as follows:

/Payment (third party, not tracked)

The customer selects the product on the Price page.

The new virtual page views look as follows:

/Virtual/Price  <-- isNewProduct set on submit of this page

I can see the virtual page views coming through from: Behaviours > Site Content > All pages.

When I create a new goal I base it off the /Virtual/ urls.

I've put some test orders through all the way to PaymentComplete, and the first 3 pages track in the funnel fine.

All the pages then exit at PaymentSummary page & don't even make it to the final PaymentComplete page.

/Virtual/PaymentSummary  <-- Exit

I've left 48 hours for the data to "settle" in GA, yet still the same result.

I've tracked the virtual page views and tags being set using the GTM debugger, and they are getting set as expected.

I've even used the regex option within the funnel, still same results.

The payment page is on a separate domain, however, for the pre-existing funnel (same site) the orders progress through payment & convert without exiting.

Is there anything else I can check to help resolve this?

Help appreciated :)


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