We have the following problem in Cpanel / htaccess file when trying to 301 redirect example.hu (alias) pages to example.com (subdomain) pages:

Cpanel example.hu to example.com redirection is working, but any additional 301 page redirects won't work and redirect the (alias) example.hu/hu/page to the main domain's home page (anotherdomain.example).

Main domain & the alias domain (alias domain is also added as subdomains to Cpanel) share the same root directory, could this be the problem? Should I remove the alias domain and changes to Cpanel 301 redirect / .htaccess file modification will start to work?

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    Assuming cPanel has simply updated the .htaccess file then you need to edit your question to include the contents of your complete .htaccess file.
    – MrWhite
    May 10 at 9:08


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