I am currently working on improving my sites SEO score by identifying to Google which pages are canonical, and based on my research and feedback the best and easiest way is to expand our sitemap.xml page (We currently have a smaller site). I have ran the lighthouse chrome extension on our live website and received a score of 82. I then on my local instance add 5 links to our sitemap and expect this SEO score to improve, but after spinning up my server and navigating to local host the SEO score still comes back at 82.

Is this expected, i.e. does the lighthouse score not take into account canonical pages when giving back a score? And if so is there a way I can demonstrate SEO improvement while keeping the changes local?

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    I thought that lighthouse tested pages, not sites. Why would you expect the score to change based on the sitemap? Why would it need to know about canonical URLs? May 6 at 17:32


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