I'm redesigning a website. Many parts of the old (current) website are still useable, but some other critical parts (say product page & purchase flow) are broken and the new, redesigned website should be live asap (even incomplete).

What I'm currently doing is having 2 websites:

example.com  /* old website,        main domain    */
example.net  /* redesigned website, similar domain */

And in future, I will remove the old website:

example.com  /* redesigned website, main domain */
example.net  /* redirect, forward or make alias to example.com */

The biggest problem here is SEO. I'm not sure what is the best strategy for this situation so we don't lose rankings. As I said, example.net will be only available until the redesign process is done. After that, old website files on example.com will be removed and new website files will be moved from example.net to example.com.

How can I keep example.net rankings after the redesign is done and I migrate it to example.com?
How can I keep the previous website's rankings while replacing it with the new one?

(And one more thing; is it better to use example.net or new.example.com as the temp domain? Does it affect domain authority or something?)


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