In terms of a site's SEO, is the following format best:


Or can a website do just as well SEO-wise if it has URLs like this?



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Yes it matters if it's human readable. It's a minor ranking factor. It probably won't make or break you, but, think of it like doing an extra credit question on a quiz. You'll get a few bonus points for it.

There are two areas it matters. The first is initial rankings. If you have human keywords in your url you will rank higher than an exact duplicate of the site with a long seemingly random url. If you've ever seen the seo table of elements urls are on there. If you google search a term on desktop if the search term is in the url, that term will be bolded. That means Google considers it to be a ranking factor for the term. keywords from your search are bolded by google, urls historically were

SERP bolded keywords in meta descriptions Humans respond to urls that are written to humans so it leads to an increase in CTR. More people click to them. A high CTR page will grow in rankings over time.


I really don't think it matters. The words below are from John Mueller at Google:

We use the words in a URL as a very very lightweight factor. And from what I recall this is primarily something that we would take into account when we haven't had access to the content yet. So if this is the absolute first time we see this URL we don't know how to classify its content, then we might use the words in the in the URL as something to help rank us better. But as soon as we've crawled and indexed the content there then we have a lot more information. And then that's something where essentially if the url is in German or in Japanese or in English it's pretty much the same thing.

With the development of AI I even think that the keywords don't matter to SEO.

  • Do you think that it is better to have keywords in the URL or not? The answer from John Mueller would indicate that it is a factor. I would say it is better to have the keywords because users are human and still read.
    – keepkalm
    Oct 4, 2023 at 15:19
  • but this thread is disusing something related to SEO?
    – Zike
    Oct 26, 2023 at 18:54

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