I made a new firebase project and web app, and i want to use firebase hosting on it. I have a directory set up on replit with html, js, css, but how do i host it on firebase?

I have tried looking at the docs, the cli, but one page tells me to use node.js while another tells me to use an html project. How do I host my project on firebase?

I am looking to host a static website with html and js

I am using replit to host and already have the files ready.

  • This is the Firebase guide you will want to follow to host your site. The quick start guide here may also be helpful. The product you'll want to use is Firebase Hosting - Firebase has a bunch of other related offerings, so you'll want to make sure you don't get tied up in the documentation for them. This tutorial on Medium looks like it may also be helpful. Apr 16 at 22:53


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