The documentation states that "Any supported language code." is supported, but then says:

Which language is used in the interface for the pre-defined themes. The following languages are supported:
- English en
- Dutch nl
- French fr
- German de
- Portuguese pt
- Russian ru
- Spanish es
- Turkish tr

If the language of your site isn't supported, you can always use custom theming to put reCAPTCHA in your language.

  • If the first statement is meant to mean:
    • Any language. It isn't true because Japan (ja/jp/jpn) isn't supported as far as I can see. (Plus then, the last statement disproves the first one.)
    • Languages in the list (above), then what about Italian? "it" is supported but not in the list.

So which languages are actually supported?

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Completely supported:

  • English

Partially supported:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

"play sound again", "download sound as MP3", and entire manual (JavaScript-independent) challenge in English.

Barely supported:

  • Italian

"play sound again", "download sound as MP3", entire manual (JavaScript-independent) challenge, plus audio challenge &=and help popup in English.

Custom Translations:

Custom translations can be written for any language, but the audio challenge, help popup, and manual (JavaScript-independent) challenge will always be in English.

The custom translations are defined using Javascript that's why they won't work when the manual challenge is being used. Note: The manual challenge is displayed in an iframe (can't edit it) and includes the following text (always in English):

"We need to make sure you are a human. Please solve the challenge below, and click the I'm a Human button to get a confirmation code. To make this process easier in the future, we recommend you enable Javascript"

Note: Latin/Roman alphabet is the only supported alphabet.


Good question.

It would appear that any language is supported but only the mentioned languages have pre-defined themes and if you want to use any other language you would have to write your own customisation.

  • That is so stupid (of Google). Of course it is supported if I supply the text and it's displayed unparsed; any text is supported. I could put in "abcdefg" for "Incorrect. Try again" and it won't complain.
    – Adam Lynch
    May 16, 2011 at 15:38

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