I do want to 301 redirect https://example.com/no/ and all the URLs from that catalogue with an added query string ?lang=no. For example will then url https://example.com/no/about/ be https://example.com/no/about/?lang=no

Is it easiest to do that solution via .htaccess, and how can I do that?

  • Why do you want to do that? Then the language code is duplicated in the URL and the URL looks a lot worse. Using language parameters is also not recommended for SEO, see How should I structure my URLs for both SEO and localization? Mar 11 at 20:52
  • Hi, I do have set up a multisite structure site using Wordpress/ woocommerce. I need it to be multisite structure since I have different api integration for different directories. Example.com/sv/ is like a separate site, example.com/en/ is like another separate site. The only options I do find for plugins to automatically translate the sites is for them to add a extra slug like /no/no/ or as a subdomain .no.example.com/no/ none of that seems good. I then thought about parameter instead, but then example.com/no/ is used to translate to the correct language when added the parameter Mar 11 at 21:00
  • But maybe it is then better to have no.example.com/no/ as the structure for the SEO pint of view? Mar 11 at 21:06


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