My project has two language, English and Arabic. For this project we need more and more back links. The root domain has almost 60k back links but sub folders like /en has only 11k and /ar has only 9000 back links. If the main root domain don't have language segment i am redirecting it to default language.

Do these back link differences effect SEO and ranking? If so, should I load default language site without language segment in the URL?

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Well, you first really should be worried about the quality of those backlinks since if you're buying thousands of them AND asking a question like this here, chances are, those backlinks either don't do much, or do harm to your site.

Now about the destination, your links should organically lead to a languaged version of the site, especially if you force-redirect people from it. How do you imagine to pretend that these links are organic if they lead to a url that has always been redirecting to another? Way too sloppy to be safe.

So some advice:

  1. Make sure you're building high-quality backlinks.
  2. Explore and implement hreflang
  3. Have the non-language version as default in hreflang, pick a language for it.
  4. Don't redirect people against their will. The 2010 is over.
  5. Closely monitor the results of your efforts in organic traffic reports.

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