Due to duplicated content, there is a "noindex,nofollow" on the website, but in order to run ppc ads, there needs to be a way for the ads bots to crawl the website

Can this be done without removing the noindex,nofollow tag?


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Noindex and nofollow aren't bot crawling directives, they are search engine indexing directives. Because they don't prevent crawling, I don't see why they would interact with ad bots.

I've found some forum posts that seem to corroborate that ad bots do not care about noindex:

A lot of things can go wrong here, but yes, you can run ads to noindex pages.

Running ads on "noindex" pages - Webmaster World


Noindex should not be a problem as long as you've not blocked adsesebot from crawling the pages.

Adsense ads, on noindex pages? - Webmaster World

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