I have a website and I want to update some titles of its pages, e.g.

"White wine" i want to change to "French White Wine", but I do not want to change URL, i.e. I would prefer to leave it as it was https://example.com/white_wine.

Can you tell me is it OK to do so or it will affect SEO in a bad way?

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Totally fine to do this. In fact, it could even be advantageous for reasons to do with semantics.

However, I'd recommend changing the slug from /white_wine to /white-wine.

This is because if you use an underscore Google will combine the two words on either side of the _ into one word.

/white_wine === "whitewine"

/white-wine === "white wine"

In order for your page to rank the best it can for searches that include "white wine", you'd want a dash instead.

So when you go to change the title and slug don't forget to apply a 301 redirect.

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    Thank you, very much!
    – Evelsta
    Jan 21 at 23:50
  • You're very welcome. If my answer solved your problem, kindly select the "accept" option beneath the vote counter. Jan 26 at 5:47

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