If I google "@typescript-eslint no-invalid-void-type", the first search result will be typescript-eslint/no-invalid-void-type.md at main - GitHub, the markdown file in @typescript-eslint repository. This location is pretty deep: packages/eslint-plugin/docs/rules/no-invalid-void-type.md.

However, if I google @yamato-daiwa/es-extensions removeLastCharacter, I'll get No search result (on my language), while this page is exists in directory CoreLibrary/Package/Documentation/Strings/removeLastCharacter.md of Yamato-Daiwa-ES-Extensions monorepository.

Which kind of magic allows @typescript-eslint documentation to be indexed by Google?

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Search bots will crawl and index everything they can read and consider of value.

Although it is an md file, it is embedded in an HTML page so that it can be crawled by search engines. You can use the Google Mobile Friendy Test application to check how Google sees this page.

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It doesn't matter if a URL is deeper than others as there are other factors like internal/external linking, quality content, keywords used, etc. that will affect the page ranking.

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