We have the following scenario:

Website A has GTAG installed and tracks every page visit, sending a internalUserId along in the dataLayer (when the user is logged).

Website B is a CRM where we list all users, and it uses the same database as Website A.

In the CRM we need to see what pages each of our users have visited.

Proposed solution:

  1. Ideal solution: call Analytics API passing internalUserId and returning a list of pages the user visited.

  2. Alternative 1: make Website A call an internal API that registers a visit, along with any other metadata. Unfortunately the dev team behind Website A wants to avoid this approach as it will send yet another request on every page, thus slowing the page down. So the suggestion was to leverage analytics to gather this information.

  3. Alternative 2: somehow instruct Tag manager to call an external API every time a visit occurs, and send along any meta data. I don't actually know if Tag manager offers this service or not.

The alternative 1 & 2 will mean that we will store the visit stats, while the ideal solution will use Analytics stats.

So the question is:

Does Analytics API offer the ability to query for a specific user identified by a custom property, internalUserId, that we set using dataLayer, and return that user's stats (visits) ?

Thank you very much

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