Is it possible to know where Google tests core web vitals from?

I ask so that I can prepare our Cloudflare cache for their tests.

I say this because ahrefs.com runs its site audit from France, and was reporting slow speeds.

This is because we don't get a lot of traffic from France so the Cloudflare edge in France would not have been populated, so the speed would not have been as optimised as a fully cached country where we receive regular traffic from.

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    CWV are based on real user experiences. See support.google.com/webmasters/thread/86521401/…, specifically the Chrome UX Report (CrUX). Jan 11 at 5:29
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    @RickViscomi That should be posted as an answer rather than as a comment. Comments are temporary and cannot be accepted as an answer. There is no mechanism for converting comments to answers, so I cannot do it for you. You will need to copy your comment into the answer box and then delete your comment. Jan 11 at 9:32
  • True great answer Jan 12 at 7:09

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