the google bot does not always access my sites when the URL is https, half of the times the site is accessed correctly and has the mobile friendly credential and the other half of the times the URL is not available in Gooogle.

It does though everytime when it is http.

Both sites are joomla with the same/identical configuration, are hosted in the same server with the identical configuration too and they share the same SSL.

Both sites are idexed fine in http and https as a property in google console. Also the sitemaps are provided both in http and https URL's.

I tried the robots testing tool, it works in http and in https it shows a failure whenever is not accessible from Google Bot.

I had the 301 redirect service through my plesk panel but then the http didn't work either.

The whole poblem is that I need the google bot to find my sites every time with ssl (https) to get the mobile friendly credentials to pass a european union check.

Is it normal to access the https site half of the times, and the other times the URL not to be available in Google? May the problem be in a runtime error?

When the google bot manage to access the site in https I get the credential of mobile friendliness.

Any ideas or solutions would be great, I am in a real agony here...because I need to fix the issue in five days...

Last minute's update... it has happened one time at http and one time the https was accessed but not got the mobile friendly credential...

Joomla Site - Commodo SSL - Sertigo

Thank you all in advance and happy holidays.

  • You have two sites and one of them is working and the other is not? How your security certificates obtained and installed? Dec 28 '21 at 1:33

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