I discovered a new problem in my website's organic search analytics. On our website, we've set up blogs with the subdomain "blog.website.co." However, I discovered that some blog URLs are auto-generated from the sub-domain (blog.website.co) to the main domain (website.co), and these are appearing in organic searches, which ultimately takes the user to a blank page with no content, creating a negative impression for the website. This is also having a negative impact on the SEO ranking. Although I have redirected the wrong URLs to the correct ones what if more such URLs are auto-created and continue to impact my website SEO?

For example: Correct URL- blog.website.co/best-blog-of-our-website Wrong URL auto-created- website.co/best-blog-of-our-website

Note: our main domain website is hosted on WordPress, and the sub-domain is hosted on HubSpot. And cross-linking of the domain and sub-domain is working properly.

What can be a solution to this problem?

How can I stop the auto-generation of such URLs on my main domain which should have been with the sub-domain?



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