I would like to show customer service numbers as shown in attached image in knowledge panel. Where from this information is coming, how to show these in another banking site.

enter image description here

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It depends on the specific content of the page for which you want to create structured data.

For structured data representing a bank customer support service, you can use the top-level type such as BankOrCreditUnion and the property department. In turn, in this property, you can embed the type Organization which has the property contactPoint extensible using the type ContactPoint or direct using the property telephone. An example of a tree structure:

    department --> Organization 
                      telephone or contactPoint --> ContactPoint 

Alternative: using the property contactPoint (extensible using the type ContactPoint) as nested directly in the type BankOrCreditUnion. In this case, you can mark up your customer service using the property contactType. The type ContactPoint also has the property telephone.

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